Appointments galore in GHADC despite pending salaries

Tura, Mar 27: Allegations of illegal appointments have cropped up in the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) by the previous dispensation led by Boston Marak.

These appointments, were given to supporters of various MDCs of the then ruling dispensation prior to the resignation of Boston has raised many questions on how this could be done at a time when even salaries for employees of the Council have not been paid for over a year.

In fact the Garo Council over the past three years has been besieged by problems relating to non – payment of salaries.

Most GHADC employees have not been paid salaries for over a year now.

According to reports there are around 2000 employees in the GHADC.

“There are rumours that the former CEM and others have sanctioned more posts when they aren’t even being able to pay the employees of the GHADC. We want to ask as to what has prompted them to do so. This is not only unethical but a huge burden to the precarious situation that the GHADC is in currently,” AYC member, Maxbirth G Momin said.

The NGO is readying itself to find out if more people have been recruited and how through an RTI.

“The GHADC is currently facing a huge crisis mainly due to leakage of revenue as well as employee increase which it has not been able to manage. While the KHADC has been able to ensure work through only about 500 employees, the GHADC already has over 2000 employees. At the rate that they are ruining the Council, we may not have a Council to be proud of in the coming years. This is shameful,” added Momin.

It was also alleged that the Congress led Executive Committee (EC), led by Alphonse A Sangma too had resorted to a similar practice employing over 200 people into the GHADC just prior to elections in 2015.

The overhead costs of the recruitment just on salaries at that point of time was close to an increase of Rs 1 crore.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a MDC of the NPP has confirmed that new recruitments have been made though the new EC is going to deliberate of the matter soon.

“This is unfair as we have not been able to pay the GHADC employees for over a year and to increase to the burden is criminal. If we were align salaries with the state, then the bill is coming to over Rs 7 crores per month, so how are we going to manage further increases,” he asked.


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  1. Congress party leaders are known for for their illegal activities in various works.. shameless most corrupted leaders are the ones from the grand old party comgress.

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