Assembly Committee on Environment visits Wahkaji and Domïasiat

Shillong, Nov 3: The Meghalaya Assembly Committee on Environment today conducted a study tour to Wahkaji and Domïasiat at South West Khasi Hills District to inspect sites where radioactive uranium wastes have allegedly leaked.

The Committee members also spoke with villagers to ascertain whether suspicious illnesses were reported due to the alleged leakage.

Environment Committee Chairperson SK Sunn informed that they brought experts from the Health and Atomic and Minerals Division, however nothing conclusive has come out from their inspection and that the committee will sit again in Shillong to discuss the matter.

He stated that it was the committee’s responsibility to check if there were leakages of toxic Uranium waste. “We will do what we need to do,” he said.

Last month, the Khasi Students Union alleged that the sealed uranium waste tanks in Nongbah jynrin had exploded.

The state government has refuted the claims after South West Khasi Hills police and magistrate visited the site.

Following his discussion with villagers, he informed that he received contradictory statements regarding people falling ill due to the leakage. He said that the committee members will further deliberate the issue.