COVID-19: Nongrim Hills dorbar shnong disaster risk management action plan

SHILLONG, Apr 7: A dorbar shnong in Shillong has drafted a Disaster Risk Management Action Plan as a plan to respond during COVID-19 lockdown.

The Dorbar Shnong Nongrim Hills taking into consideration the prevailing situation of the pandemic war emanating from the outbreak of the virus, it has set upon itself the task to come out with an action plan so as to equip the residents to take up the challenges in these critical times.

The Disaster Risk Management Action Plan was submitted to Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma on Tuesday.

Keeping in mind the gravity of the situation which have had a devastating effect on the World community, the Dorbar Shnong Nongrim Hills felt that the role and responsibility of the community, being the first responder will go a long way in containing the spread of Covid 19.

“At this point of time, when everyone is struggling to find ways and means to combat this dreaded pandemic, the Dorbar Shnong, through the Action Plan can guide the community to play a positive role as far as preparedness and mitigation is concerned. This exercise, if successful, can also be replicated in other localities as well,” the dorbar shnong said.

The objectives of the action plan, to develop an effective mechanism to control the COVID-19 crisis, to make effort at the locality level in order to bring about uniformity which will be in consonance with the Standard Operating Procedures in the entire State, to assist the Government and District Administration in all the activities and phases of disaster preparedness and mitigation including security, manpower, field administration, supervision and monitoring and to extend all possible support to the vulnerable and marginalised sections in the locality.

The dorbar shnong has also set up strict surveillance during lockdown in entire locality and residents are to comply with the decision of the concerned authority to remain indoor at all times, residents should discourage those from outside the locality including relatives and friends for visits except only in emergency situations. Both the host and visitors need to adhere to clean hygienic procedures, residents should inform the dorbar of any suspicious cases whether in the household or from outside to ensure the containment of the spread of Covid 19 and any violation from the prescribed norms as laid down by the Government will be penalized as per the law.

The dorbar shnong also said that house owners should desist from renting their vacant house(s) during this critical period except only with the permission of the dorbar.

“It is mandatory and important that the House Owner should take full responsibility to ensure that the tenants abide by the prescribed rules and norms as laid down by the Dorbar,” the Nongrim Hills dorbar shnong said.

On distribution of essential commodities, the Dorbar Shnong to avoid overcrowding and to maintain social distancing, it has constituted a home delivery team to facilitate the distribution of essential food items to the respective households on request by cell phone to be delivered at their doorstep.

Almost all essential items have been covered by Home Delivery including Medicine. The home delivery boys are instructed to adhere to – keeping distance on delivery, washing of hands regularly, wearing of mask and gloves, taking a bath at the end of the day of delivery, to be polite and courteous while performing their duty and delivery boy/girl should not perform beyond the jurisdiction of the dorbar.

On assistance for the marginalised section/daily wage earners, the Dorbar Shnong will identify families belonging to the marginalized section/ destitute/daily wage earners and essential items will be distributed at free of cost irrespective of caste, creed, community or religion and distribution will be in kind and as per family strength.

The Nongrim Hills dorbar shnong will also provide assistance to the senior citizens / physically challenged / trauma care patients.

The dorbar shnong will keep a census of all the senior citizen / physically challenged to be taken up with contact number and special consideration will be given for making orders in relation to essential items. The Dorbar will make effort to reach out to trauma care patients through the help of counsellors in the locality.

The Nongrim Hills dorbar shnong said that, in cases of suspect cases of COVID-19 intervention, residents are requested to be alert and inform the dorbar, police or Covid Surveillance Team when identified, to see that the surrounding of that particular house or area should be disinfected in a proper and thorough way so that any presence of the virus will be eliminated, the particular house or building where a case arises should be quarantine with proper observation and that the above exercise should be conducted with the help of Experts from the Health Department.

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