Disputes in new areas along Meghalaya-Assam border a dangerous trend

Shillong, Jul 21: Congress Spokesperson and Rangsakona MLA, Zenith M. Sangma on Wednesday said that disputes in new areas along the border between Meghalaya and Assam is a dangerous trend.

Urging the state government to be serious enough as far as dealing with this inter-state border dispute is concerned, the Congress Spokesperson said, “Now what we are seeing is there are new places where the dispute has started even in the areas where it is not considered to be areas of difference. It is a very dangerous trend.”

On the give and take policy to resolve the border issue, Sangma also said that there are many modalities to be adopted.

He said that in the past there were many engagements and meetings in the Chief Minister and Chief Secretary level and in the Deputy Commissioner level in the preceding years and the present government should follow up all those.

“Many meetings and engagements were held during the Congress regime and lots of things have happened,” Sangma added.

On what is the Congress expecting from the upcoming of the talks between the Chief Ministers of Meghalaya, Conrad Sangma and his counterpart Himanta Biswa Sangma, the Spokesperson said that anticipation is as such that although it is not going to solve issues pertaining to the border dispute but that there should be continuous engagements between the two counterparts to address the issues pertaining to the inter-state boundary dispute.

“Some progress should be there but I don’t know what kind of progress will be there we cannot say right now,” he said.

When asked if the 50 year long border dispute be resolved by August 15, 2022 as desired by the, Sangma said that it is possible that it’s fine.

He, however, said that the border dispute is very sensitive and contentious, and therefore tackling these kinds of issues should be with the involvement of all the stakeholders and all the political parties collectively. 

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