Education Min to Institutes, Teachers: Students Top Priority, Continue Teaching

Shillong, Apr 8: Meghalaya Home & Education Minister Lakhmen Rymbui on Wednesday urged all head of institutions and teachers to continue teaching students via e-learning and using apps like Google Classroom, Zoom app, partnering with local startup or using email and WhatsApp to send assignments.

In a heartfelt message, the minister thanked all the head of institutions for their support to the government during the lockdown due to COVID-19 Pandemic and requested them to render support to all students and teachers.

The minister highlighted the importance of using online platforms for teaching. “At this time of social distancing, classroom teaching is not feasible but we now have strong digital infrastructure, e-learning and virtual knowledge sharing platforms. These allow us to continue teaching and guiding students. Our students are our top priority,” he emphasized.

He also urged teachers to use this time to innovate and find means to connect with students and to continue teaching and render support to the students who, “must be tense and worried about how they will now be able to cope with their syllabus or the anxiety they might be experiencing because of everything that is going on.”

“I know that a teacher’s job is never easy and I sincerely appreciate all these efforts,” he said.

The Education Minister also lauded efforts by several institutes already using virtual aid and said that it was important that these facilities are expanded to include all educational institutes and by reach to all students.

He informed that the Education Department has partnered with a local startup organization for the purpose and the response has been encouraging. “I urge all institution to initiate this exercise and utilize the App for online learning,” he said.

Further he added that, “from the department side, we have endeavored our best to release all pending salaries on time including school grants, uniform grants for the students.”

24 thoughts on “Education Min to Institutes, Teachers: Students Top Priority, Continue Teaching

  1. With due respect I request the Education Minister to provide me, my students, with SIM cards,or wify connection, plus one smart phone each. Because …you know the reasons… Meghalaya Schools, Meghalaya Government, Meghalaya Education Minister whether they put priority for education or not

  2. What about the students in rural areas where there is no access to internet connection?????

  3. Respected Sir,
    E-learning is impossible especially in rural areas where no proper internet connection available and most of the students doesn’t have laptops Or even smart phones. So to start with e-learning it is the duty of educational department and government to distribute those facilities to all the students, and then e-learning will possible.

    Thanking you.

  4. Think about the students Who are not well equipped with network….. Some things will bring deprivation in their part of learning… They will feel that they are left out in the part of education…… Theory is very simple to say but what about practical…… Think think think for about 65percent of rural students….

  5. Respected sir
    The primary schools in rural areas are certainly not be able to access to online learning.Most of the parents are illiterate n cannot use smartphone .Bisides that they can’t afford to have such phone and if some of them can afford also the poor internet connectivity will become useless for online learning.It will be a tough task for the schooling children at this point of time in rural areas.
    If sheets can be printed and circulate to all the schooling children, it may be somehow helpfull for them.
    Thank you,
    Shri B Shylla

  6. Hi Sir,

    Thanks for your sincere concern over COVID-19 issue and the government proactive steps for which we the people feel safe and thanks to government machineries who are working day and night.

    I want to bring to your notice one issue, which is not attended, the issue is school fees hiking by the various so called convent school who are hiking their fees by 10-15% every year, which has become a pain, sometimes 2-3 students from same family are studying in the same school at that time it becomes really over burden to cope with the fee structure. My earnest request that government should intervein in that and put a bar so that the schools should not run like a businees and do whatever they want.

    Also its a request to the government to exempt the parents for paying the fees for 1-2 months, as due to covid-19 pendamic all types of business and job opportunities are closed, and its a real hard time.

    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely
    Dipender Kumar

  7. It’s is very hard that some of us they don’t have smart fone, laptop and computer.You know some of the rural areas they doesn’t have internet connection not electricity.

  8. Respected sir,
    In my village, network is too bad I can’t even attend the online class and I don’t have laptop also sir please do something for students.

  9. Respected sir,
    In my village, network is too bad I can’t even attend the online class and I don’t have laptop also sir please do something for students.

  10. It is easy to say but difficult in practical. We know the future of students and their problems but we are helpless. There are the problems mentioned in the following.
    1 . Most of the students in rural areas come from very poor family. Their parents cannot afford to buy computer/laptop/mobile phones.
    2 . Who will bear the data recharge cost?
    3 . There is no mobile towers of any company till now in remote villages till now.
    4 . Most importantly, there are such many schools starting from Secondary to Lower Primary Schools especially in GaroHills, that most of the students cannot read properly. This is not teachers fault but it’s all of government. Though, we may give them assignment but the students cannot right or read it’s answers. Because, these students come such that neither they can read or write. All these have happened due to given appointment an illegible teacher or non inspection by concerned authority.
    So, impossible to teach them throughout digital media. Moreover, village school is completely different from urban school. When students are given homework/assignment, they will absent themselves for one week or more. If you ask them for the reason to explain or softly abuse, they will not come for another one week. This is the scenario of village school. Such students cannot write assignments.
    5 . Most of the teachers also don’t have computer/laptop to upload assignment.
    Therefore, it will be very difficult to adopt this measure in villages.

    Yours faithfully
    B. S. Sangma, Tura.

  11. How can we start online classes in rural and remote areas, there are no laptops no network, is there any scope since we the teachers and students are many miles to face lock down many more days, again my students of higher sec ones are also depriving from studies , please suggest

  12. Hello sir,
    It’s really hard time for the country and the way you all are addressing your people from time to time is highly appreciable.I am one of the head of the institution in the remote village. Now you can guess what are the facilities or obstacles my children used to face.They don’t even have some necessities of life.In such situations my children are left with no option except usual class room learning.Please do suggest me in this regard.

    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully
    Nitu ojha

  13. How we’ll do for the students in Lp section and for those school in Rural areas which have no internet connection?.

  14. In rural areas where mostly are not well equipped with smart class requirements…what to do ???

  15. What About those student who doesn’t have laptop or computer and those who don’t have good network ??

    1. Sir,
      We have a solution for online classes with Microsoft product known as Microsoft Teams.
      This feature includes all devices including even android, I phones ect. Also, 250 students can attend online class in a single session with no time limits, do have recording facility and many more.

      So, if you’re looking for the same solution kindly contact at +918638614542. Thank you.

  16. He lied about the pending salary. government neglected the problem of the teachers. Pity on them.

  17. Respected Sir,
    You Know very well that some rural area of our state doesn’t have neither stable internet connection nor electric supply, beside that the People of such areas are facing food scarcity due to increase in price. So my personal request for you is to firstly fulfill the basic needs of the people.
    Regards Anisha

  18. Top priority is to save lives no education at this juncture of time…. don’t be over smart minister…. with due regards.

  19. Ok for urban areas it is ok to use digital app but what about rural area some family they don’t have computers at home and some parent don’t have smart fone…

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