Mukul hits out at CM for saying ‘opposition is confused’

SHILLONG, Nov 5: Leader of Opposition in the Meghalaya Assembly, Dr. Mukul Sangma has hit out at Chief Minister Conrad Sangma for saying that the opposition is confused on the coal issue.

“The Chief Minister is saying that the opposition is confused, but it is not confused, Dr. Mukul Sangma is not confused at all,” Dr. Sangma said.

The opposition leader said that it wanted the government to proceed ahead with the auctioning of the 32 lakh metric ton of coal lying in the state as claimed by the Meghalaya government before the Supreme Court.

“Why did I say that you go proceed ahead with the auctioning of the 32 lakh metric ton, as per the order of the Supreme Court, because if it is not there you will know and if it is there then also you would know,” the leader of opposition said.

The former Chief Minister also said that if the government is doing auctioning in piece meal it will many years to complete.

“The judgment of the Supreme Court was pronounced on July 3, 2019, this is more than a year now till now they have not auctioned,” he added.

He also mocked at the claims made by the government for saying there are many legalities in auctioning of the coal.

“If they can auction the unclaimed coal so fast even during holidays, when everybody is busy in festive mood why they are slow in auctioning the 32 lakh metric ton so that if it is not there we will all know,” Dr. Sangma added.

It may be mentioned that last week, the Chief Minister, had termed the opposition Congress as “confused”.

Sangma has said that the opposition in the first place the party had rejected claims of the government that there is 32 lakh metric ton of mined coal lying in the State but later stated that it wants this coal to be auctioned at the earliest.

Sangma had said, “First thing the opposition should know what they are talking about. It looks very bad on their part to give statements that are contradicting. It shows the confusion in the opposition.”