Passage of CAB a darkest day for people of the North East: Dr Mukul

Tura, Dec 9: Former chief minister and leader of opposition in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Dr Mukul Sangma today termed the passage of the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) as the darkest day for the people of the North East.

Addressing the media on Monday in Tura, the former chief minister lambasted the BJP led NDA government for failing to hear the various protestations of the indigenous tribes of the region.

The Congress leader also stated that they would begin with a black badge protest on the passage of the Bill with further protests to be taken up later dates.

“We are disturbed that despite having demonstrated the resolve to protest the introduction of CAB, the NDA government has gone ahead and passed the Bill in the Lok Sabha. It appears they are determined to pass this Bill into an Act,” said Dr Sangma.

Dr Sangma said the protest from the NE had been loud and clear and this includes all.

“The concern of the people of the NE had articulated their concerns in a way that the government of the day can understand and they are able to take cognizance of the concerns and address these but they chose otherwise,” added the former CM.

Dr Sangma added that he was a part of the delegation, consisting of civil society, governments of the NE including political parties, all of who were unanimous in their opposition to the controversial Bill. The delegation had spoken on the matter to the NDA in New Delhi.

“We found that the entire exercise, involving all stake holders was only cosmetic. There are now attempts to camouflage the entire intention of the Bill in such a way that the people of the NE are protected through ILP and 6th Schedule, which are exempted. Its common sense that there cannot be 2 classes of citizens,” said Dr Sangma.

Dr Sangma alluded to the long drawn anti foreigner movement of the NE which ultimately culminated into the Assam Accord 1985.
“The Assam Accord says that there should be detection of foreigners, illegal immigrants and anyone who has come after 1971 should be treated as illegal immigrants or as foreigners who entered the country illegally. The whole exercise of NRC has become infractuous,” he added.

The former CM opined that the exemption did not make sense as the foreigners could now apply for citizenship from anywhere and then move as citizens to other parts of the country.

“We are opening up a ‘Pandora’s Box’. We don’t know how many people will be eligible and after they attain citizenship, where will they gravitate. I have shared this concern that all these foreigners will ultimately move towards the East and the NE because of demography,” asserted Dr Sangma.

These concerns, according to Dr Sangma will lead to a humanitarian crisis.

“We may not have the numbers to be palpable but we must understand that in a democracy the spirit of inclusiveness must always prevail,” he stated.

The former CM added the humanitarian crisis would also engulf neighbouring states as CAB would be used as a pretext for further persecution of minorities in those countries.

“The fact that they are bulldozing this Bill does not augur well. They are not sensitive to the concerns of the people, where there is a requirement for a coherent and harmonious society,” the former CM added.

Mukul said that a revisit to the past would reveal that the entire region was in turmoil mainly due to the sense of insecurity, fear of dilution of the demography of the NE.

“The fear has been that the indigenous would not be able to preserve their identity with their population being microscopic. It is time for us to ensure that the voice of the NE is heard loud and clear,” said the former CM during the press briefing.

The former CM hoped that good sense would prevail on the matter so that the Bill was defeated in the Rajya Sabha.

“CAB will have tremendous social impacts for the NE and no matter what party we are from in the NE, we are united in our opposition to it,” said Dr Sangma.

2 thoughts on “Passage of CAB a darkest day for people of the North East: Dr Mukul

  1. Perfect leader like you very hard to get in these day thank for enlightened the peaples of North East keep it. Up sir.

  2. Agree Completely Dr Sangma ..Now that the Bill has been Passed I Believe Perilous days Ahead …
    Prayers for India …
    This Bill is Anti India ..
    This Bill is Against the Heart and Soul of Secular India …Anti Constitution …Discrimination in the Name of Religion Caste Colour nd Race is a Clear Violation
    Sad Bad Savarkar and Jinnah are Faces of the Same Coin and India Rejected Both…

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