Plastic Tsunami Hits Umïam Lake

Shillong, July 5: Constructed in 1965 for storage of water for power generation, the Umïam lake is under attack from wave after wave of garbage, much of it plastic that drain into the lake from 16 streams and rivulets including the Wahumkhrah.

Photo: Shillong Mail

7 thoughts on “Plastic Tsunami Hits Umïam Lake

  1. People should stop throwing plastic into water. Volunteers and government should clear plastic floating in the lake and streams.

  2. This is serious issue it’s our responsibility as a resident of this beautiful place. It’s easy to put the blame on the govt but what steps have we taken as a responsible resident , have we completely banned the use of plastics or think about the impact while while dumping them?

  3. This is a serious issue…
    Action must be taken immediately on cleaning and makes sure it won’t happen again

  4. Shillong “Junk of the East”
    Only people know how to dress and talk in a modern way but their mind is still dirty like this garbage. Cheap people, cheap minds, cheap n dirty way of living. Was once a Beautiful place but now a garbage dump.

  5. We need to installed at least several “grits” in different location of haul the out-flow of plastic..

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