Speaker writes to CM over grievances of NEHUTA and NEHUSU

Shillong, July 10: The Assembly Speaker, Metbah Lyngdoh has addressed a letter to Chief Minister Conrad Sangma regarding grievances shared by Teachers’, Non-Teaching Staff and the Students’ Union of North Eastern Hill University (NEHU).

He requested the Chief Minister to look into the matters alleged by the aggrieved – who stated that there was an irregularity in the style and functioning within the system of the University – so as to avoid any untoward incidents that might affect the reputation of the esteemed institute.

The Speaker informed that he received a joint representation letter dated 02.07.2020 from NEHU Teachers’ Association (NEHUTA) and NEHU Students’ Union (NEHUSU), wherein, they urged for the removal of the incumbent Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor S.K. Srivastava.

In the letter signed by NEHUTA President Professor X.P Mao and NEHUSU President Mr Y Shua Lyngdoh, they stated that the quality of academics, administration and financial services to the community has been brought down under Prof. S.K. Srivastava’s regime.

They stated that the incumbent VC failed to create any improvement in the overall performance of the University. One of the reasons, they stated, was his consistent violations of NEHU Act, statue and ordinances.

NEHUTA and NEHUSU extensively explained in their letter that 80% of University Expenditure was spent on non-academic expenses, while no investment was made on teaching and research.

Furthermore, they stated that in Professor S.K. Srivastava’s four-and-half year tenure, the VC did not convene the University Court. A court meeting was convened at the end of 2019 only after teachers’ and students’ raised their voice.

They alleged the VC of violating the rule of seniority and appointing Deans so that he can manipulate the selection of Executive Council Members and removing two Heads of Department by citing the wrong stature.

NEHU Teachers’ and Students’ Union accused the VC of ‘going abrasive during COVID-19’ and declaring that the term of the elected body of NEHU Teachers’ Association was over.

“To create nepotism and favouritism, the VC appointed one man in two or three different positions of responsibility and gratified them, while the University is supposed to strictly follow one man one post norm,’ the letter read.

Moreover, they stated that Audit reports on accounts were not brought for discussion in authorities even once.

NEHUTA and NEHUSU also demanded an investigation into the promotion of a set of teachers as Professors and on ‘hefty arrears’ given to some teachers.

They also informed that without spending grants, the VC returned 44 crores in 2018.

“He has failed to contribute anything for the cause of students and the younger generation of Meghalaya. The so-called Innovation Centre could not fund a single project or it could not help any innovator so far,” the statement added.

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