Tynsong questions intention of individuals who allege discrimination against non-tribals

SHILLONG, Oct 27: Meghalaya Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong on Tuesday has questioned the intention of the three persons who met the State Governor, Satya Pal Malik alleging discrimination against non-tribals living in Ichamati.

Tynsong said that these persons may have some malign intention.

“I fail to understand why they have to go the honourable Governor. I am afraid these people have some malign intention as far as the governance (is concern),” the Deputy Chief Minister said.

According to the Deputy Chief Minister, the MDA government is all out for everybody, for tribal and non-tribal.

He also asked why these three persons went to the Governor when they should have gone to the state government or the district administration or civil sub-division.

“We do have the administration closer to the people,” he said.

On the issue of inflammatory statements made in the social media by netizens on the Ichamati issue, Tynsong request all of them to refrain from spreading rumours on the platforms.

The Deputy Chief Minister also pointed out to reports stating that even those residents in Ichamati have said that there were no harassment done by the local people.

“From the government side I would like to request all concern please don’t add fuel in this issue because we live together, we grow together in Meghalaya we are one. Don’t say we are non-tribal or we are tribal. But we are one as brothers and sisters,” Tynsong said.