Zenith: Snooping on citizens violates fundamental rights to privacy

Shillong, Jul 21: Meghalaya Congress spokesperson, Zenith M. Sangma on Wednesday said that reports of Indians targeted by the NSO group using its Pegasus spyware has given illegal access to conversations, passwords, contact lists, tests messages and live voice calls of India’s security apparatus, individuals like Union Ministers and opposition leaders, para military chiefs and Supreme Court judges, is shocking.

“Snooping through alleged Israeli technology, Pegasus, on the citizens is treacherous and unconstitutional violating the fundamental rights to privacy,” Sangma said.

He said that the Congress condemns the unconstitutional act of the incumbent government in the Centre.

The Congress legislator said that the party will protest against this across the nation and demand a judicial probe monitored by the Supreme Court to unearth the truth and punish the guilty.

Sangma also said that the illegal and unconstitutional hacking of cell phones of Constitutional functionaries, Union Cabinet Ministers, present & former Head of India’s Security Forces, Senior Leader of Opposition, Journalist, Lawyers and activists have exposed the dubious and deplorable action of the BJP Government.

He said that it has also been reported that the Spyware Pegasus has also been used to hack cell phones in the run-up to the 2019 General Election to Parliament.

“The Pegasus Spyware and all NSO products are exclusively sold to the Government only. It is thus clear that the Government of India and its agencies bought the Spyware to hack the phones of opposition leaders, journalists, lawyers and activists,” Sangma said.

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