A Heart Warming Regards To All The Teachers, Front-line Workers And All Natural Being

TEACHERS are the actual architect and glorious warriors who cultivate knowledge in the lives of a learner. From sunrise to sunset , our future generations will incessantly comprehend the TEACHERS as the ones that usher changes in our daily lives.

In seasons like this while the world is experiencing a global pandemic attack from the single common enemy known as coronavirus or COVID-19 which affects each and everyone of us and many precious lives have been lost, simultaneously, our TEACHERS did not call it a day; rather with passion and dedication they impart education, awareness and illuminates the students without haste and waste.

From the breaking of dawn to the calling of dusk, the eminence of our esteemed TEACHERS never vanish nor get darkish. They ingrained education not only from a piece of their minds, rather TEACHERS are happier when they enthusiastically enlighten the students with love from their hearts.

This is a tribute and an honour to Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was an Indian philosopher, academic and statesman who served as the first Vice President of India and the second President of India. Dr Radhakrishnan believed that “teachers should be the best minds in the country”. Since 1962, his birthday has been celebrated in India as TEACHERS DAY on 5th September every year.

We acknowledge Dr Radhakrishnan as our leader and instructor for his generous contribution made over the years so that our TEACHERS can celebrate this day.

A good education can change someone but a GOOD TEACHER can change everything.

May all the TEACHERS possess good health, prosperity and success.

Let us also not forget our elders, parents, pregnant mothers, farmers, sportsperson, children, youths, differently abled, bankers and all the frontline workers and helpers including the media and press persons, district administration, police department, shopkeepers, hawkers, delivery persons (milk/cylinders/newspaper/etc), labourers,the daily wages, drivers who ferry passengers, drivers carrying construction materials, truck drivers carrying essential commodities, drivers and helpers carrying the agricultural commodities of the farmers so that the farmers can sustain themselves if they can transit their vegetables outside the State.

There are times when our FARMERS need the full support of the State and the Central Government. We depend on our FARMERS on every meal that we eat and now because of uncertainties due to COVID-19, they are depending on each and every citizen of the society we live in. We stand together holding our FARMERS and their families in our hearts. May they find the strength and we Pray over their land and their crops so that they will meet all their needs.

The virus doesn’t choose race, creed, culture, colour, wealth, religion or qualifications. All of us are facing a disruptive moment such as a threatening uproarious storm. Almost everything will decay in a natural world. Things break down, vegetables, fruits and all edible items get decayed and decomposed, people fall sick and there is death. We shouldn’t let the wilderness intimidate us. We should share facts not fears and at the same time we need to reason out. We are in the midst of a crisis, let us protect the people and ensure their safety.

Right from childhood, all of us have inculcated the habits of respecting ELDERS, PARENTS, TEACHERS and FELLOW HUMAN BEING. How about we take one more step ahead to know the value that aims at motivating people by manifesting and looking for ways to encourage and lift someone up because our one small act of kindness today may inspire someone who is struggling in their own way.

While we are to follow the guidelines and to distance ourselves, we realized development has been hindered, education has been disturbrd and the country’s economy has dwindled. Citizens are facing a financial crisis and the most affected are the farmers, the marginalized, the most vulnerable and all those who have to struggle in feeding the hungry stomach. All the frontline workers and helpers and the District Administration have earnestly doing their best for the well being of all. Our healthcare professionals are going to work everyday keeping themselves at risk to protect the lives of a human being. We hope with their undying efforts, we soon emerge out of this period of uncertainty.

Moreover, despite the unprecedented crisis and while going through a phase of uncertainty and inspite of the ongoing hardships faced by the peasants, the cultivators, the farmers and the struggling souls; yet they encounter another problem in which the consumers are in shock after being slapped with exorbitant power bills (high electricity bills). People are facing insane hikes in electricity bills and it is attacking their very own small income and savings. This is like an extortion in broad daylight attempting to drain the hard earned money and aspirations of common citizens by the abnormal billing system and inflated bills which has inflicted a burden on the heads of the consumers.

In seasons when unprecedented crisis and moments of uncertainties struck our lives, we feel we are at the end of something or at the beginning of other things. Maybe we are not in the same boat, but we are in the same storm.We might not agree with each other all the time but we are required to acknowledge that each of our journeys is unique. A lockdown and social distancing is not a full stop to protect our ENVIRONMENT but in reality it is an opportunity to learn that “our ENVIRONMENT is a precious heritage that we ought to preserve”.We are not here just to fill the space or to be a background character in someone else’s stories or movies but we are here to comprehend each other; to solve the pathetic conditions of the roads and not to litter our ENVIRONMENT.

In this time of tribulations, we should remind ourselves that we did not come into this earth knowing everything. We shouldn’t let the entire staircase overwhelm us, just focus on the first step, because our LIFE, especially now is completely unacceptable, unpredictable, stressful and chaotic, so we must not let the fear of what could happen cease our career. Let us fight this tough time together by protecting ourselves and each other.

One day we will tell a story about how we overcome the battle of COVID-19 and appreciating everyone trying their best to heal from things they don’t speak about and to those fighting their own battles in silence because all of us are not born with the silver spoon and all of us are not born the same; hence we should not assume, speculate, judge, hurt, gossips, or belittle someone because people are like books! some may deceive you with their cover and others may surprise you with their content. After all, we are still breathing the same air and have one common gift that is LIFE and all of us came to this earth by birth and will leave the same by death.

In this time of crisis let our LIFE be a message of HOPE because we need one another, perhaps even more so; for we are not racing a competition against each other but as members of the same team.There will be moments in life where we falter and need someone to pick us up; and at other times someone somewhere may need our encouragement to support them through our prayers and our presence since we are all natural being with a human experience.

Being human, we are good at making noise and filling the space with the sound of our voice; but we should remember even self-restraint, solitude, tolerance and patience have its power because the same boiling water that softened the potatoes, hardened the eggs; it’s all about how we are made, not the circumstances. Our greatest contribution may not be something we do but someone we raise! Some people may miss the message because they are busy looking for the mistakes.


Kongrit Amanda A. Pakyntein
Teacher: Sein Jaintia Morning School, Shillong.

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