Absence of police leads to traffic jams in Polo

Shillong, April 01: Heavy early morning traffic jam was noticed in Polo on Monday and long queues of vehicles could be seen on both sides of the road.

Schoolchildren and office-goers have a tough time as their vehicles remain stranded in a jam.

Some children had reached school late due to the jam and few went back home.

According to eyewitness, the jam compounded as people started driving wrong sides to reach school or office early.

“It was a chaos. Today it was different with children getting struck in jams for more than ninety minutes,” said a parent.

The main reason behind the jam is due to the absence of traffic police personnel,” said a parent, who requested not to be named.

Another parent added that there are no traffic police personnel deployed on the busy road from Polo market towards JN Complex to manage the flow of traffic.

The traffic congestion is the biggest problem in the small city like Shillong in the absence of proper management, which traffic police personnel said that they are finding it hard to deal with the situation.

1 thought on “Absence of police leads to traffic jams in Polo

  1. Regarding the jam at Polo area
    Jam started right from Crpf junction. I have observed and notice by myself while i was travelling the same route that day.” It is not the traffic personnel to blame” the people driving the vehicle the route that day were just thinking of their own convenience only …. all they were trying to escape the jam but instead they create more than a mess. Vehicles proceeding from golflink & forest colony were proceeding toward polobazar and polo ground were in a rush and blocks the vehicle coming from polo bazaar as they were to selfish to give a chance to vehicle proceeding from polo towards golflink… that is just the start later the chain reaction happened where jam leads to polo bazaar and later vehicle proceeding from 4thfurlong towards crpf junction automatically joined the chain where then block the vehicle proceeding from 4th furlong towards majestic hotel.. and that what causes a deadlock. Its is still manageable but instead all start to argue the traffic personnel and started disobeying their directions as to lesser the jam… that’s not all, taxis busses started contributing their own by picking up passengers at the narrowest road they could find like near polo bazaar traffic point to the polo tower junction… and matri mandir. Two wheelers also adds up by overtaking and slowing down traffic.
    Traffic personnel are not only to blame. Even though I was stuck on the same route that day but I found the personnel trying the best they could to make the traffic flowing. As said ‘no traffic personnel were found that morning ‘ but instead I found three personnel but not at the area people eyes were but on the head and tail of the jam…
    Its is not only the traffic personnel to clear the traffic but also our job to observe the traffic and have patience while driving to wait and give way to other in junctions where it will seems to start traffic jam.
    Giving way in junctions will not make you the last to reach schools or offices but instead cutting and not giving way in junctions will absolutely make you the first person to create traffic jam.
    Citizen/driver /observer

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