Chuba Ao says reshuffling of Minister’s post in BJP not necessary

SHILLONG, Nov 25: The national vice-president of the BJP, Chuba Ao, today said that the issue of reshuffling Minister’s post in Meghalaya, among the two BJP legislators, has not been discussed.

On Sanbor Shullai’s claim, that there was an arrangement that after two and half years incumbent cabinet minister, A. L. Hek, will step down and he will take over as the Minister, the national vice-president said that this might be his own opinion and nothing to do with the party because it is the prerogative of the Chief Minister.

“I am not involved in this, because we do not have any written agreement. So that is not an issue,” Ao said.

He added that the party cannot say that reshuffle should be done and one should step down and another should be elevated.

“We can’t dictate like this. There should be proper consultation and we have to see the performance,” Ao said.

Moreover on the issue of Inner Line Permit (ILP), he said that this is purely a legal matter.

He said that the party will discussed the issue first.

“With their demand things will be disturbed or not, system will be hampered or not, many things have to be discussed. We cannot blindly say that demand is there you have to give it. We won’t also blindly say that we will not give. We need thorough discussion, if implemented it need lots of consultation,” Ao added.