‘Covid has spread to rural areas of East Khasi Hills district’  

Shillong, May 7: East Khasi Hills district health authorities on Friday informed that the COVID-19 situation is grim with many even in the rural areas now affected.

“Now deaths are not only in Shillong but in rural areas of East KHasi Hills districts too,” health authorities informed.

They also said that in the fight against the virus citizens should get themselves vaccinated so that they get at least 70 to 80 percent immunity from COVID-19.

The health authorities of East Khasi Hills district met the traditional and religious heads to urge them to convince the public to take the COVID-19 jab.

In Shillong out of the 66382 persons who are in the age group of 45 above 38777 have received the first dose. Also 66 percent of health care workers and front line workers in Shillong have been vaccinated.

Meanwhile, East Khasi Hills Deputy Commissioner, Isawanda Laloo also informed that authorities will be encouraging home based management of mild cases.

“We will now encourage home based mangement of asymtomatic cases most won’t need hospitalisation with mild fever and cough,” Laloo said.

She informed that the Health Department is preparing to invite nurses and nursing students to be part of the home based management team to help the persons who are asymptomatic.

Meanwhile, Dr. Robert Marak, East Khasi Hills District Surveillance Officer informed that 60 percent of the active cases are from the district.

Dr. Marak also informed that out of the average 180 cases recorded in a day, 54 needs hospitalisation and five need ICU treatment.

He also informed that out of the 654 beds in the various hospital of the district, 366 were occupied till Thursday and 298 were still available.

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