Fresh extracted coal spotted in West Jaiñtia Hills

Shillong, Oct 28: Leader of Opposition in Meghalaya Assembly Dr. Mukul Sangma conducted a physical verification of the reported unclaimed coal at Khliehrangnah in West Jaintia Hills.

Speaking to reporters after, Dr. Sangma said that he found contrasts in the amount of unclaimed coal as stated by the state government and on ground.

He reminded that the government had told the apex court that 32,000 lakh metric tonnes of unclaimed coal were lying in different districts of the state.

And the court had directed the state to go for public auctioning which is also delayed, he said.

He said that according to reports, there were 1.41 lac metric tonne unclaimed coal lying in Khliehrangnah, whereas, on the actual site he found around 40,000 metric tonnes.

The opposition leader also mentioned that the coal lying on site looked like it had been freshly mined and dumped, indicating that illegal coal mining and transportation is continuing.

After Khliehrangnah, Mukul also paid a visit to the site of auction at Khliehriat, where, 19,000 metric tonnes had been auctioned. However, he said that he hopes lifting of coal and auctioning is expedited.