Israel to set up centres of excellence in agriculture and horticulture

 SHILLONG, Nov 3: Israel will be partnering with Meghalaya in the field of agriculture and horticulture by setting up Centres of Excellence (CoEs).

Speaking to reporters, Israel Ambassador to India Dr. Ron Malka informed that through these CoE Israel will offer the farmer value chain from the farm to the end consumer.

“We will also help them in marketing the produce and make it competitive,” Malka said.

Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma informed that the CoEs would be set up in Jongksha East Garo Hills for vegetables and another at Dawagre, East Garo Hills for citrus fruits.

The Israel ambassador to India also informed that in two years these CoEs will become self sufficient.

Malka stating that the potential in Meghalaya is huge added that what the Israel government is trying to do is to see how both Israel and Meghalaya can work together on all the value chain and bring the added value and shape the competitive advantage of the local farmers in order to make the products more profitable.

The Israel Ambassador to India also said that Israel are using latest technologies like drones and satellite images, to give the precise view of the field.

“So we can analyse by the accuracy of pixels what is the situation in every field and to analyse and calculate exactly the amount of water, fertilisers, nutrition that we need in order to utlise and to get the best we can from every land and farm,” Malka said.

He also said that Israel are using technologies taken from defence sector, from space technology sector and are being implemented in agriculture equipment.

Meanwhile, Sangma said, “Israel has been a leader in terms of technology intervention in every field and agriculture too. Therefore lot of technologies that have been there and we have to see and study which one suits us and adjust accordingly.”  

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