Late Dr Sailo’s Son-In-Law tested -ve for COVID-19 Twice, says Family vilified

“Perhaps I will be tested positive the third time around, and I will be most regretful if I did. But even then, is this how we fight the virus together?”

SHILLONG, Apr 15: The son-in-law of the late Doctor Sailo, who passed away due to COVID-19 on Wednesday, had reportedly been tested negative twice for the virus and his sample is being tested for the third time.

According to a letter accessed by Shillong Mail, Dr Sailo’s Son-In-Law revealed that his family in Meghalaya, Manipur and Nagaland have been vilified since the news was released to the media, public and on social media.  

“The coronavirus is a tiny virus- unseen, lifeless yet intelligent. And yet, it has made us humans, the greatest creation of God, show our ugliest side. It’s been almost 48 hours since the news was made public and the media and social media jumping in to vilify us. The ripples have reached my family in Manipur and Nagaland. Nobody has been spared,” the statement read.

The statement further revealed that he had been tested negative twice. “Up until the time I write this, I believe I have tested negative twice. I have not been officially informed but I conclude so, as sample collection was repeated on two successive days. I was told a third sample would be taken,” it read.

He also informed that six of his wife’s members have tested positive and yet there have been no efforts to segregate them and said, “We have not been taken to quarantine. We are still all together in the same house.”

On the issue of his travel itinerary, he said that after his return from US, he had gone to Imphal on March 16 but was called to Delhi on March 20 to operate a flight to Rome to evacuate Indian citizens from Italy.

“It turned out that one of my colleagues operated that flight instead. On the announcement of the lockdown, I returned to Shillong on March 24 and remained under home quarantine, thoroughly observing all respected sterilisation and isolation protocols for 14 days and emerged on April 7,” the statement added.

“Many of you have read my travel itinerary and maybe feel I am an irresponsible traveller. Flying is my profession. Pilots unfortunately do not have the luxury of being quarantined, except in the case of this unprecedented lockdown, but we take the highest care because our professions demand of it,” he said.

He also pointed out that one of the patients that Dr Sailo treated in the line of duty might have been responsible for the transmission. “The search and isolation of this person is where the state’s energy and resources should be directed at, not target people with or without reason,” it read.

“My father-in-law literally spent his life in the treatment of his patients. This is not an acceptable way to honour his memory,” the statement read. He also urged the Meghalaya Government to make the test results official.

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