MeCAW writes to Education Ministry wants removal of NEHU, Vice-Chancellor

SHILLONG, Nov 26: The Meghalaya Confederation for Academic Welfare (MeCAW), today wrote to Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, Minister of Education demanding, fast track completion of the process for appointment of a new Vice Chancellor in North Eastern Hill University.

In the letter to Pokhriyal, the MeCAW wanted appointment of a local qualified professor who can take every section along.

“In no way, those who are part of the cabal of Prof. S. K. Srivastava leading the present degradation of NEHU be considered at any stage of selection,” the MeCAW said.

The confederation also said that all the cases of corruption, favouritism during the tenure of Prof Srivastava needs to be investigated and accountability be fixed.

The MeCAW also stated that the Heads of department in English and Political Science, who were removed by the Vice –Chancellor be restored to the posts. According to the MeCAW, immediate removal of Prof. Srivastava, following the precedent of Delhi University, be accomplished in NEHU in the larger public interest.

In the letter to Pokhriyal, the confederation stated that the Ministry’s intervention is needed in investigating statutory violations by Prof Srivastava and consequent academic, administrative and financial abuse and mismanagement of the university leading to all round vitiation of academic atmosphere by the Vice-Chancellor and his handpicked cabal.  

The MeCAW in the letter to the Education Minister stated that it is greatly concerned about Prof. Srivastva’s abuse of power by removal of two Heads of Departments, harassment meted out to women faculty and research scholars on which National Commission of women and National Scheduled tribes’ Commission are currently seized with.

The confederation also alleged that being a caretaker Vice Chancellor, Prof Srivastava is proposing to take a huge loan of Rs. 136 crores without discussing it with stakeholder bodies of teachers and students.

“This clearly shows a malafide intent of taking a long term decision that will leave huge financial burden of repayment on the university community, going much beyond his term of office,” the MeCAW alleged.

The confederation also alleged that a large number of scams present in awarding of work during five years tenure of Prof. Srivastava which needs to be thoroughly investigated.

“As audit reports are not placed in the University court, so there is no transparency in financial transactions of the University under the regime of Prof. S. K. Srivastva,” the MeCAW said.

It may be mentioned that that the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, has permitted incumbent NEHU Vice-Chancellor, Prof. S. K. Srivastava, to remain in office beyond the duration of his term which expired on September 23.

According to the communication from the Ministry of Education, Department of Higher Education, Prof. Srivastava will continue to hold office for a period not exceeding one year or till they appoint his successor.