Missing man’s mystery solved, family including wife arrested

Tura, Feb 22: West Garo Hills (WGH) police cracked the case of a man who had gone missing from the village of Rensigre under Damal Asim outpost in the month of November, leading to the arrest of 6 persons, including the missing man’s wife, son and son in law along with three contract killers hired for the murder of the man.

As per the case, Gileng B Marak went missing from his house on Sep 29, 2018 but the matter was not even informed to the police or his own family. It was about 3 weeks after he went missing that the victim’s elder brother (after coming to know from villagers) went in search of the victim.

The initial reluctance of the family to file a missing report was the first piece of the puzzle that came together after the victim went missing.

Interestingly despite the victim going missing for quite a few days, his mobile phone still rang when called while his motor cycle was seen being used by his son in law, identified as Ome B Marak.

After they informed the police in Damal Asim through a missing report on Oct 18, 2018, an initial search was conducted though here too his wife and children refused to be a part of. The matter then was laid to rest before the determined elder brother refused to let go and tried filing an FIR though without much success.

It then took the intervention of the WGH SP, Dr MGR Kumar for the case to be registered after which a complaint was filed on Jan 12. The outpost too saw a change in personnel with a new investigating officer taking up the case.

Within just a few days of investigations, the case was broken up leading to the location of the victim’s body as well as the arrest of the culprits involved in the murder. The victim had allegedly been hacked into two, with the skull and the rest of the body being hidden at different locations.

According to police, the entire murder was a case of contract killing in which an amount of Rs 60,000 was paid to three hired killers from a nearby village. The motive of the murder was apparently due to the victim physically abusing his wife, Nojeni B Marak, regularly.

“On receipt of the FIR an investigation was carried out leading to the recovery of the missing person’s skull and bone fragments along with his bag, his mobile (in broken condition, slippers etc from Gabil Road, Anogre in WGH. The area falls under Jengjal PS,” stated Dr Kumar.

According to investigation reports, the wife Nojeni, had hired the killers to dispose off the victim and was assisted in the process by both her son and son in law, Theman B Marak and Ome B Marak.

Police later arrested the three hired killers identified as Lesbath D Sangma, Pinal D Sangma and Raseng B Marak, who later admitted to the crime.

“It was good police work that led to the discovery of what happened and the subsequent arrests,” said the SP on the case.

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