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BJP President calls for complete boycott of AITC in Meghalaya

Shillong, Nov 12: BJP state president Ernest Mawrie on Saturday called for a complete boycott of the opposition All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) in Meghalaya.

Mawrie was condemning the remarks of TMC Minister, Akhil Giri against the President of India in the strongest terms.

“Droupadi Murmu created history by becoming the first ever tribal President of India. She is a role model of millions, and has given hope to scores of tribals living in the country. Her stature is tall to the extent that it is unparalleled. However, Akhil Giri, Minister from the TMC stooped to the lowest levels of political discourse by commenting on the looks of our President. His question “How does our President look” is a reflection of his filthy and elitist mindset,” he said in a statement.

Mawrie described the action as criminal and against all the tribals of the country. He questioned the intentions of the ‘page three’ class TMC leaders for the tribals of the state too.

He wondered that if they could have such demeaning thoughts for the President of the country just because she is a tribal, how they would treat the tribals of the state who are already struggling because of lack of development!

Mawrie called for the complete boycott of the TMC in the tribal community in particular, and in general across the state.

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