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Everyday people are joining but we are not exposing says MPCC Chief

Shillong, Nov 14: Congress chief Vincent H Pala on Monday accused other political parties of poaching its candidates.

“I have seen that the other political parties don’t have proper candidates and are always looking to the Congress and try to buy its candidates. Whoever we have projected, they are being bought and purchased," Pala told reporters.

He said this has made the party become reluctant to reveal the people who are joining its fold.

“We have good candidates in Mawphlang, Nongkrem, Mawkynrew and other constituencies and everyday people are joining us but we are not exposing because if they join today, tomorrow they will be purchased,” Pala said.

He said the party will also give a good fight in Nartiang constituency, which is presently represented by former Congress leader Sniawbhalang Dhar.

“Although the leaders have left the party, the grassroot people have started coming back to the party. People are coming back especially if we have good substitutes as people still have so much trust in the Congress,” the MPCC chief said.

Meanwhile, Pala informed that the Congress will soon come up with the election manifesto, which is already in the final stage of completion.

He said the party is also taking the views of the people on issues related to their constituencies that include farmers, coal issues and others.

When asked, the Shillong MP slammed the MDA government for its alleged failure in all fronts.

“They have failed in the education sector, teachers are not appointed, people are facing problems in the health centres as they are without medicines, farmers are being exploited, roads are in dilapidated conditions…” he said.

“Thousands of contractors are asked to register but after registration, they don’t get any work as works are being given to only a certain family and certain politicians,” he alleged while adding that the people will give a befitting reply to the MDA government in the upcoming 2023 elections.

He also urged the people to vote for a better tomorrow.

Stating that he is taking the election very seriously, Pala, who will be contesting from Sutnga-Saipung constituency, said that he had visited almost 200 villages and only 12 villages are left for him to visit.

“We have workers. . I have my own policies and my opponents have their own policies. As of now, it is too early to say as the election is 3-4 months away. After filing a nomination, then only we know. To say I am going to win it is not good as time will tell,” he said.

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