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Former CM Mukul Sangma has lost people’s trust: Prestone Tynsong

Shillong, Nov 15: Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong on Tuesday said that the people of the state no longer trust the former chief minister Mukul Sangma.

He was reacting to the recent allegations made by Mukul Sangma – who is currently the leader of opposition – that the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government led by National People’s Party has no unique scheme which does not root from the Integrated Basin Development and Livelihood Promotion (IBDLP).


Mukul had also referred to the projection of the MDA’s FOCUS scheme as a “sheer lie” besides using the IBDLP programme for their “own greed”.


 When sought for his comment, Tynsong said, “…let Mukul say anything whatever because he don’t have any issues anymore to say and I know well people also does not trust him anymore.”

He also reminded the former chief minister that he had also distributed cattle and gave Rs 5,000 to each family in 2017 before the elections and said, “In fact it was so irregular I should say. Therefore, I think you should ask from Dr Mukul Sangma himself.”

Tynsong however claimed that the schemes introduced by the MDA have to a great extent benefited the people across the state and said, “What we are doing right now be it FOCUS or be it PRIME, we are doing well and people who received it also be it SHGs or be it cooperative societies, they are being blessed by the schemes we implemented.”

Meanwhile, the deputy chief minister said that Mukul Sangma was chief minister of the state for eight years but he has failed to ensure completion of important projects, which are pending for decades.

“He (Mukul) has been chief minister for eight years. Can you please ask him during his tenure why not he completed the Crowborough hotel? Why did he not complete the Crowborough hotel? Are we taking credit for that? But of course there are so many challenges but ultimately under the leadership of Conrad Sangma and the MDA government we are able to complete it,” he said.

Also announcing that the government would soon inaugurate yet another long pending project – Mariot hotel at Jail road, Tynsong concluded by saying, “This is going to happen this month. So let him talk whatever he feels like talking but the fact remains that this is the only government which completed those incomplete schemes in different levels and in different areas.” 

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