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Killing of five people in Mukroh: Case of genocide says Dr Mukul Sangma

Shillong, Nov 22: Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma on Tuesday termed the Assam police firing which led to the killing of six persons as a “case of genocide”.

“In as far as the incident is concerned it is well within the jurisdiction of the state of Meghalaya. From the inputs I have received from ground zero it is a case of genocide,” Sangma said over phone.

Sangma, who has visited Mukroh village to express solidarity with the families of the victims, who were killed in the firing, said: “The loss of precious lives due to whatever circumstances led to the situation is a reflection of contempt with which they are trying to deal with this kind of challenges, giving no regards to the likelihood of injury to people, loss of precious lives. They have complete disregard towards ensuring that people’s rights are not trampled upon and forget about the extent of causing injury.”

The All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) leader further slammed the governments of Meghalaya and Assam for allegedly being disconnected from the ground reality.

“Apparently, from what has happened today and preceding incidents that have been happening I can draw a conclusion that both the incumbent governments – Assam and Meghalaya – have completely disconnected themselves from the SOPs that has been laid based on the mutually agreed terms and conditions to deal with the problems along the areas of difference in as far as Meghalaya-Assam border is concerned. That means whatever collective efforts put together by the preceding governments in the past based on the learning experiences that we have had have been completely ignored and they have been completely disconnected from reality,” he said.

He continued: “There is complete disconnect with the real problem and this also reflects the priority of the government. The priority pertaining to these kinds of challenges confronting both the state in as far as these contentious issues are concerned and as far as these associated recurrence of problems due to not understanding the overall inherent problems in as far as these areas of difference, - this is reflection of their complete disconnect and change of their priority or otherwise I should say these are seen as they are not their priority.”

The leader of opposition also visited Jowai Civil hospital to meet the injured people and their families along with other Meghalaya TMC leaders.

While visiting the families of the victims, Sangma assured that justice will be served.

While consoling one of the aggrieved family members, he held her hands and assured her that unfortunate loss of lives will not go in vain; he assured that 'logical conclusion' will be ensured. Expressing his deepest condolences, he prayed for the families of the departed and wished a speedy recovery to those injured.

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