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Unhappy with leadership: Cores Marweiñ resigns as MPCC secretary

Shillong, Nov 14: MPCC secretary in-charge Nongpoh Corest Marwein on Monday quit the Congress citing that people are not happy with the candidate of the party from Nongpoh constituency.

Speaking to reporters after submitting his resignation letter, Marwein said that he was requested to strengthen the party in Nongpoh constituency.

“However, as time goes by, we see that the party is becoming very weak as there is no unity and the party is not well organized in Nongpoh as they neglect the grassroot workers,” he said.

“People from as many as 128 villages, which I have visited, do not want to be with the Congress as they are not happy with the manner in which they are selecting the candidate. The candidate is from UDP and people are not accepting him. Therefore, I don’t want to work with the Congress as people do not want to be with the Congress,” Marwein said adding

Meanwhile, MPCC president Vincent H Pala said that the party will try to talk to Marwein.

“He (Marwein) called me when I was still in Europe attending the parliamentary committee. I told him that we will meet but he instead tendered his resignation but it’s okay we will talk to him,” Pala said. He said that it seems that Marwein wanted a party ticket.

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