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'NPP-led MDA Government will have sleepless nights looking at the pictures of the rally today'

Tura, Nov 18: The Meghalaya TMC today held a monumental public meeting of 25,000 supporters in Garo Hills in the presence of AITC National General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee.

On the second day of his two-day visit to the Garo Hills, the AITC MP greeted Bishop, Andrew R. Marak, in the morning. Post the meeting, he arrived shortly at the New Tura Playground, Tura Law College to hold a public meeting with a roaring congregation present to stand with Meghalaya TMC’s causes.

Uniting the crowd with a thunderous message, Abhishek Banerjee commented, “In the next three months, all Meghalayans irrespective of caste, creed, and religion will unitedly fight to end the chaos of four and half years due to the incompetent leadership of the NPP-led MDA government.”

Taking a jibe at the ‘National Puppet’s Party’, Abhishek Banerjee commented, “MDA is supposed to stand for Meghalaya’s Democratic Alliance. However, the collapsing infrastructure in the state proves that all progress has taken place in one family, to one person. It stands for ‘My Democratic Alliance’ of the ‘Conman’s’. Despite Meghalaya’s rich biodiversity, there are roads with potholes, schools without teachers, and youths without jobs.”

Throwing an open challenge to the NPP-led MDA government, Abhishek Banerjee demanded, “The NPP has not even filed its Election Expenditure report. I am challenging the NPP to come forward and face the debate: ‘Why did the MDA government fail drastically in the last four and half years?’”

Speaking with conviction, the AITC MP uttered, “The three petals of the flower in our logo l stands for the Garo, Khasi, and Jaintia. The shoddy alliance of MDA would not secure a single seat in the Garo hills in the 2023 polls. We would not cower down to autocratic forces.”

Promising a brighter future for Meghalaya, he commented, “The state would be introduced to a new government in three months that aspires to bring a holistic change. No Border MoU would be signed without consulting the people; we would fight to have Garo and Khasi included as languages in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution.”

Thanking the supporters for reaching the glorious milestone of crossing 1 Lakh+ active members by his second visit, Abhishek Banerjee commented, “We started this membership drive with a few hundred; today, we have reached a humongous support of 1 Lakh+ active members in just four months. I thank each one of you for ensuring our progress in the quest to stand out.”

Addressing the crowd, Meghalaya TMC State President Charles Pyngrope commented, “The AITC believes in the power of the people and aspires for better governance. We will work tirelessly for the people of Meghalaya. We are working for the development of Meghalaya and would strive to make it a model state.”

Resonating with Abhishek Banerjee’s message, Dr. Mukul Sangma commented, “We aspired for Meghalaya to become the hub for travel and education. Instead, it has become a hub for gaming and gambling under the MDA government. We want immediate redressal to restore the state to its lost heritage. We are a party which stands for justice. We will not compromise with our ideologies and principles.”

Marking the event’s success, people from all across Garo Hills and nearby districts of Khasi Hills came in thronging to today's public address, congesting all roads leading to the event venue and the city of Tura.

During the meeting, a host of Meghalaya TMC leaders including Meghalaya TMC State In-charge Dr. Manas Ranjan Bhunia, Meghalaya TMC State President Charles Pyngrope, Trinamool Congress Legislature party leader and Leader of Opposition, Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, Dr. Mukul Sangma, Meghalaya TMC MLA (Umroi) George B Lyngdoh, Meghalaya TMC MLA (Mahendraganj) Dikkanchi D Shira, and Meghalaya TMC MLA (Rangsakona) Zenith Sangma along with other notable Trinamool Congress leaders were present.


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