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Police Vehicle Scam: M'laya High Court directs State govt to book culprits

Shillong, Nov 2: The Meghalaya High Court on Wednesday directed the state to ensure culprits involved in the police vehicle scam are brought to book and defalcated public funds are recovered.

“It is hoped that the entire matter is monitored at the highest level to ensure that defalcated public funds are recovered and the culprit or culprits are brought to book,” the Division Bench said while hearing a PIL filed by Riewad Vicharwant Warjri.

The court said the report appended to the affidavit filed by the Home Secretary to the State has indicated appropriate steps having been taken thus far, including the service of a charge-sheet.

The Advocate-General also informed that the delinquent has sought some documents and has been afforded time to file his written statement in response to the charge-sheet. An inquiry officer has already been appointed. Forty-three witnesses have been indicated in the charge-sheet and the connected papers.

In view of this, the court has directed that the inquiry should not give undue latitude to either the police department or to the delinquent. “It is hoped that the inquiry is conducted as expeditiously as possible and without affording undue latitude to either the Department or to the delinquent,” it said.

The State further submitted that appropriate steps would be taken to ensure that the assets of the delinquent are frozen since the extent of defalcation has been, prima facie, pegged at over Rs 3 crore.

Meanwhile, the court has also decided to drop the contempt proceedings instituted against the Home Secretary since the matter is being attended to by the state with the seriousness that it calls for. “The rule is discharged and the Home Secretary is excused,” it said.

The next hearing will be held on November 25.

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