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Annual Conference of the MCSOA 2022 held

Shillong, August 19: The Annual Conference of the Meghalaya Civil Services Officers' Association (MCSOA) 2022 was held today at the State Convention Centre, Shillong. Meghalaya Chief Secretary, D P Wahlang attended the programme as Chief Guest.

Speaking on the occasion, D P Wahlang stressed on the importance of skilling, reskilling, upskilling and capacity building of both the junior as well as senior officers, especially in this new age of digitization. He also stressed on the importance of having empathy as an officer, and to understand the problems of members of the public when they come to the officers to share their hardships.

He also urged the officers to deal with the public coming to them with love, affection and empathy and to be grateful with the position they’re holding and the power and privileges they have to solve the public’s problems.

Wahlang also encouraged the officers to get over the fear of failure, he stressed that as officers, failure is part of the job but they should not be scared or discouraged rather they should move forward and move on and take decisions to ensure that people’s lives are positively impacted.

The Chief Secretary also highlighted the need for financial planning for the junior officers so as to have secure savings when they retire. He also encouraged the officers to have a healthy lifestyle, although all of us know that health is very important yet we tend to neglect it, he added.

Others who spoke included Dr Vijay Kumar, Commissioner of Division for Garo Hills, Shri C V D Diengdoh, Secretary Personnel and AR Department. The Conference saw the participation of Meghalaya Civil Services Officers from various parts of the state.

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