Pressure groups could not take up ILP with Shah

Shillong, Jan 23: Pressure groups of the State who met Union Home Minister, Amit Shah in the city on Saturday were irked by the fact that he did not give them time to discuss issues like Inner Line Permit (ILP).

“The only thing we did was submit a memorandum to him. We were not allowed to even utter a word,” Khasi Students’ Union (KSU), president Lambokstarwell Marngar said.

The various pressure groups like the KSU, FKJGP, HNYF and the CoMSO had wanted to raise the issue of implementation of ILP in Meghalaya.

Marngar said that the refusal of the Home Minister to discuss the issues with pressure groups was an insult to the people of the State.

“All we wanted to know was to hear yes or no from him on the implementation of ILP in Meghalaya,” the KSU president said.

He said that it was not necessary at all to submit a memorandum but since apart from ILP there were other issues therefore the group felt necessary to give it to the Union Home Minister.  

Meanwhile, Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma said that since Shah’s programme changed due to plans which came up in Assam he had to go back.

“He was supposed to stay back in Shillong and based on that time was sought from him by the government and also the NGOs who approached the government to seek time for them,” Sangma said.

The Chief Minister also added that due to the turn of events, the office of the Home Minister requested that he may not be able to sit down with the cabinet and the organisations who had sought appointment.

“But in the insistence of the government of Meghalaya at least opportunity to hand over the memorandums should be given, so based on that today we submitted a memorandum, one from the government side and from the organisations,” he said.

Sangma said that the Home Minister has conveyed to the Cabinet and to the other organisations through him who had sought appointment that Shah will be happy to meet them in Delhi.

“He has asked to coordinate and based on that we will be seeking appointment for the cabinet as well as for the pressure groups,” the Chief Minister said.