‘We are deprived of our salary but ensure students are not deprived of wisdom’

SHILLONG, Jun 30: The Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) teachers of the state pointed out the situation they are facing in educating the children.

The SSA teachers said that although they are deprived of their salaries for months they have to spend from their own pockets for the welfare of the students.

“We SSA teachers have to spend a lot of our own income for our classroom and for imparting wisdom and knowledge to our dearest students apart of maintaining our families daily needs and requirements,” Aristotle Rymbai president of the SSA teacher’s association said.

Rymbai reminded that for months SSA teachers are performing their duties without ‘pay’ and this situation becomes worst day-by-day.

He expressed his disappointment that time and again after three to four months teachers have to raise their voices for payment of their wages.

“It seems as it has become a habit to them and teachers are undervalued and if these environments continues, in the near future experienced teachers will leave the teaching profession. Lack of respect for teachers’ and lack of attention from the Government to solve and address teachers’ problems will force them to seek alternative careers,” Rymbai added.

The SSA teachers association president also stated that
the education system in the state has created an atmosphere where teachers are reliant on others making the decision for them.

However Rymbai had kind words for the current Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government.

According to Rymbai the current government has embarked on a productive path towards education sector.

“I do believe that educators must be more directly involved in policy – decisions making with a foundation based upon pedagogy rather than ideology,” he said.

Rymbai said that if the state government wants to retain motivated and skilled teachers, the government need to ensure that teachers are not only recruited and trained, but also deployed to the areas where they are most needed.

He also stated that regular salary, medical allowances, maternity leave and other allowances and benefits support in the form of professional development opportunities should be implemented to encourage teachers to remain in this profession.

He also said that the state government should also improve governance policies to address the problems of teachers.

Rymbai suggested that the government can do more to address teachers’ absenteeism by improving teachers’ working conditions, making sure they are not overburdened with non-teaching duties.

“Teachers need the support of inclusive and flexible and well designed curriculum strategies to meet the learning needs of children especially children from disadvantaged groups. Policy-makers should ensure that early grade curriculum focus on securing strong foundation skills for all and are delivered in a language student easily understand,” he said.

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