Why National Doctors Day Is Celebrated On 1st of July

Doctor’s Day in India was established by the Government of India in 1991 to be recognized and celebrated every year on 1st of July as National Doctors day. It is celebrated on 1st of July on the birth and death anniversary of the most famous physician of India Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy (Dr. B C Roy) to pay lots of honor and tribute. He was honored with the great Indian civilian award called Bharat Ratna on 4th of February in 1961. He was born on 1st of July in 1882 in the Patna, Bihar. He had completed his medical graduation from Calcutta and returned to the India in 1911 after completing his MRCP and FRCS degrees in London and began his medical career as a physician in India in the same year.


National doctors day is celebrated every year all across the India on 1st of July to provide honor to the most famous and legendary physician as well as 2nd Chief Minister of the West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.

It is a great observance in India which helps in fulfilling the actual need of doctors and physicians in the lives of everyone as well as their significant roles and responsibilities. The annual celebration of this awareness campaign helps common public to get aware about the roles, importance and the precious care of the doctors.

Large population crowd of the India depends in many ways on the physicians and their quality treatments which show the remarkable improvements and progress in the cure and treatments methods. Annual celebration of the doctors day has been proved as a way of encouragement and big eye opener for all the physicians and doctors of the India to wake up from their failing career due to the lack of commitment towards their profession.

Doctors are Life Saviors Doctors are essential for any society. They are considered to be life saviors’. In our routine life, we often encounter health issues that are beyond our comprehension. We require help from a doctor to understand the problem and also to get it cured. The condition may get worse without medical intervention. Doctors are thus considered to be life saviors.

Symbol of Doctor’s Day the red carnation was chosen as the official symbol of Doctors Day because of the color of the flower is in spirit of characters of medical profession. It represents adoration, charity, sacrifice, bravery and audacity. This day is dedicated to all the doctors opportune to remind them of their vital role in our lives.

Important duties of a medical practitioner:

Emergency Medical Service – The physician has to immediately render emergency medical care and protect life. He cannot refuse this emergency life care services to anyone. The guidelines as laid down by the Hon’ble Supreme Court are:

  1. a) A patient who needs emergency medical care should be admitted.
  2. b) In case there are no vacant beds, the patient has to be given all due care.
  3. c) The doctor/ medical officer shall make necessary arrangements to get the patient transferred to another hospital in an ambulance –
  • He will first ascertain whether the recipient hospital has beds.
  • Patient will be accompanied by an RMO during the transfer
  • In no case will the patient be left unattended at any time for want of beds
  • Attending doctor will document all details –condition of the patient, treatment given, etc. and will write his name in a clear, legible hand and put his complete signature with date and time. The Hon’ble Supreme Court gave the following directions in cases of RSA

The medical aid should be instantaneous. It is the duty of the RMP to attend to the injured and render medical aid/treatment without waiting for procedural formalities unless the injured/guardian (in case of

unconscious/minor) desires otherwise. Effort to save the person and preserve life should be top priority, not only for the doctor but also for the police office/any citizen who happens to notice such an accident. The professional obligation of protecting life extends to every doctor, whether at Govt. Hospital/otherwise. The obligation being total, absolute and paramount, no statutory or procedural formalities can interfere

in discharging these duties. Whenever better or specific assistance is required, it is the duty of the treating doctor to see that the patient reaches the proper doctor as early as possible. Non-compliance of these directives may invite prosecution under the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act or IPC

Role of Doctors in GVK EMRI

GVK EMRI is an exclusive example of synergy of several disciplines like- Medical, Information Technology, Research & Information Systems, Management, Fleet, etc. Doctors in GVK EMRI contribute as Emergency Response Centre Physician, as Instructors for the Global Certification Programs, as Senior Managers as directors for the Emergency Medicine Learning, as Emergency Medicine Education Counselors and also diversified in the Operations and Research wings.


When there are tears, you are a shoulder, when there is pain, you are a medicine. When there is a tragedy, you are a hope.

Happy Doctor’s Day – Team Shillong Mail.


With info from indiacelebrating.com & Deepankar Choudhury, State Head ( Coo ), GVK Emri, 108 – Ems Meghalaya

Image credit: Youth Incorporated Magazine

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